you 'd need process forking, which is has to be compiled into php
and which should/could not be used within a webserver environement.

i don't know your scripts will work,
if you call process_function after including auth_user.php.
if it works, i'd do it this way:

... do some authentication stuff

include("auth_user.php"); // takes user to authenticated area



Regards Michael

"Zach Curtis" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> I have three scripts login.php, auth_user.php, and function.php. The
> login.php script does user authentication and routes the user to
> auth_user.php. The function.php script, which contains process_function(),
> does some very intensive data processing and may take from 30 seconds to 3
> minutes to run.
> Here's what I have tried to do:
> // login.php script
> require("function.php");
> ...
> ... do some authentication stuff
> ...
> process_function(); // makes user wait too long to get to the
> area
> include("auth_user.php"); // takes user to authenticated area
> If I try to run the process_function() from the login.php script, the
> takes too long to run. How can I get this function to run so it does not
> interfere with user logging in? Is there a way to get the function to
> execute and let it run on its own within login.php and let the user
> on to the authenticated area without that delay?
> Another thought I had was to get the function.php script that contains the
> function to execute on its own based on time (e.g., run every hour on the
> hour). Is there a way to do that?
> Thank you.
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