I've settled on .inc.php, .class.php, etc. that way you get the best of both
worlds. Your files are identified as what they are and don't get sent out

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        On Friday 19 April 2002 16:10, Jacob Wyke wrote:
        > Just a few quick questions if anybody is out there.

        Nobody here but us chickens.

        > Why use .inc as a file extenstion when you can use .php ??

        Just a matter of aesthetics. Some people might like to use .inc to
        themselves that the file is to be included and not run on its own.

        > What are the advantages/disadvantages to using .inc?

        None from a technical point of view

        > Is one more secure?

        On default webserver settings, .inc may be less secure because by
default the 
        webserver would not treat .inc files as php files and thus return
them as-is. 
        Thus if people know the name of your "filename.inc" they could
        browse to it and thus see its contents. 

        There are two ways to counter this:

        1) have the .inc files in a directory outside the scope of the

        2) set the webserver to treat .inc files as php files.

        > Which is faster?

        No difference.

        > Which is consider a better pratice?

        As long as you take the necessary precautions then it boils down to
a matter 
        of preference.

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