On Friday 19 April 2002 15:58, Erik Price wrote:
> On Friday, April 19, 2002, at 04:10  AM, Jacob Wyke wrote:
> > Why use .inc as a file extenstion when you can use .php ??
> > What are the advantages/disadvantages to using .inc?
> > Is one more secure?
> > Which is faster?
> > Which is consider a better pratice?
> It's just to help me organize which files I use as included files (.inc)
> and which files are actual PHP scripts that can be requested with a URI
> (.php).
> Also, I set an Apache directive to refuse requests for any file with the
> .inc extension, so my database connection info, password, etc is
> (theoretically) safe from being served directly.
> Erik

Those files should be placed outside DocumentRoot (if you control the server). 
Then set include_path in php.ini to include that dir, and you're done. No 
need to rely on apache for this.
Meir Kriheli

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