Hi Guys,

Does anyone know what the following error message is and how I can go about
solving it?

Out of memory during "large" request for 2147487744 bytes, total sbrk() is
1459608 bytes.

This error message gets written to Apache's error logs every other time I
execute my MSSQL query.  The web browser then displays "The page cannot be
displayed" error (404).

if ($ViewItemNumber){
$ViewItemNumber = urldecode($ViewItemNumber);
$sql = "SELECT
entory.OnHandQuantity FROM Item,Inventory WHERE
(Item.ItemNumber='$ViewItemNumber' AND
$query = mssql_query($sql) or die ("THE SECOND (2) TABLE SELECTION
$results = mssql_fetch_array($query);
echo $results['ItemNumber'];

Note: I'm running LAMP locally (NY) and connecting remotely to a Windows
2000 box running MS SQL Server 2000 (UK) with the FreeTDS package. 

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