I've switched  "register_globals=off" and "register_argc_argv=off" in php.ini 
to use $_SESSION and/or $_POST. All my code had been written using $var

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to access the arrays in either $_SESSION and 
$_POST. I've set each page to start with <?php session_start(); ob_start(); 
?> since I'm also processing the variables from an input html form. Below 
that, on my first page the " if  (!isset($_SESSION['count'] . . . "

Everything seems to work OK until I try to access, on my last page, 
'confirm-guest.php' which attempts to capture either the session variables or 
the posted variables from the previous two pages. 

Whenever I try:

print("$_SESSION['sfname']);  or  print("$_POST['scity']

I get a parse error "expecting 'T_STRING' . . ." -- obviously there's nothing 
in the array or I haven't set it. Problem is how do you set the "variables", 
as in $_POST['sfname'] -- I thought that it would pick them up automatically 
from the text input.

Btw, I retained these satements (which could be the problem):

$sfname = $_POST['sfname'];

Since when I tried to use $_POST['sfname'] in the scipt I got the same parse 
error as above.

I'm REALLY confused about the whole session thing -- I don't know where else 
to read up on it -- I've scoured PHP.net, Zend, PHPBuilder -- and I've 
followed what they said, but . . .

Can anyone enlighten me on what I'm doing wrong, or where my thinking is 
amiss? I'd greatly appreciate any help.


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