I need PHP because I made a site for my course at university and they use
only Linux so I learned PHP.
>> Seems that you´re lucky with M$ and their ek$pen$ive environments.
Zend Studio 2.0 ==> 195$
NusPhere ==> 299$

I used PHP Edit but if I need to test a script that get values from POST or
GET parameters I need first to recreate them within the IDE.

Does exists something to debug PHP within the browser, just like M$ Script
DBG listen some port and some host but I didn't found instructions that
explain to use it.

Thanks again,

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At 20.04.2002  21:15, you wrote:
>Hi to all!!!
>Can anyone tell me how to debug in PHP?
>When I use ASP simply I write "stop" (VB) or "debugger" (JSCRIPT) to set a
>breakpoint and open the Microsoft Script Debugger.
>With PHP I can't find a way to do a similar thing.
>I downloaded the DBG PHP debugger but I don't understand how to use it like
>My config is:
>PHP 4.1.2 + IIS5 + WinXPpro
>I'm bored to use echo "$something" for debug :-(
>Thanks in advance for your help,
I´m not shure, but ZEND offers some kind of IDE and nusphere has an IDE
which has a debugger built in , but who needs this??
Use an editor with macro functionality so u can set a macro which makes
something like if($debug){ echo something}, then you can set one var
to turn debugging on/off.
Are you shure you need PHP for your problems? Seems that you´re lucky
with M$ and their ek$pen$ive environments.



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