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Just my 2c worth

IMHO, as long as the code is indented "properly", it doesn't matter where
the braces are, just be consistant. Personally, I prefer to put the opening
brace on a new line, but I can just as easily read other people's code when
the opening brace is on the same line (as long as it's indented properly).

As for indenting - I prefer using spaces and this ensures that my code will
look the same in someone else's editor as it does in mine. There are people
here, in the company, that use tabs and have set their tabs to be 4 spaces,
I have my tabs set to 8 spaces - really plays havoc when they indent quite a
distant :(

Also, with one line statements, I prefer to place it on the same line as the
statement that requires it (ie, function, if/else, while, do, etc). But,
again, as long as the coder is constant, I find it just as readable when the
statement is on a new line, surrounded by braces or not.

So what I'm basically saying is - choose a style that suits you, and be
_consistant_ with it - oh, and make sure you indent your code, there's
nothing worse than trying to read code that's not indented, or indented all
over the place!


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I like the following form, not sure how much time gets wasted in parsing 
but it's easy > for me < to follow :)

         if(something else):
                 forget it;


At 11:51 AM 21/04/2002, Frank wrote:

>"The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose
>Subject: Uses of block markers in coding

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