Well, you should first ask yourself if the SRC value is correct - and 
apparently it isn't, if that's indeed it. You should make sure you get 
$server_path parsed by PHP. OTOH, why $server_path? HTML uses "/" as the 
"document root", you don't need that. IOW, you should remove 
$server_path altogether and see if it works - it should.



Jule Slootbeek wrote:

>Hey guys,
>i'm trying to write a  script that gets a path for a pic from mysql and then 
>shows the picture.
>so i added the data in teh database like so $server_path/pics/pic001.jpg and 
>then when i get the final oputput the HTML says:
><img src=$server_path/pics/pic001.jpg> and it won't show the picture, is this 
>because i'm using Mozilla 0.9.9 or is it from something else?

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