Well, since you fail to mention which versions of PHP you were using before
and after the upgrade it's a little difficult to diagnose your problem.

You should really have checked the change log
(http://www.php.net/ChangeLog-4.php) before upgrading anyway (a lot changed
in the 4.0.x -> 4.1.x releases - including some variable names)



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Subject: [PHP] need urgent session help, since new php version broke my code

> Hi all
> all the links in my page link to not existing html pages.
> i redirect the 404 to a php script. when users had disabeled cookies,
> i parsed the request_uri for phpsessid and then set
> $HTTP_GET_VARS['PHPSESSID']=the parsed one.
> when i after that called session_start(), php was using the id from
> after upgrade to the latest php version this does not work anymore. i
> get a new PHPSESSID on every
> request. is there any way to keep the sessionid with these redirects?
> *extremecryforhelpsincepageisbrokenfornoncookieusers*
> Sebastian

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