Hi all,

I have a database. It receives from my users files - which could be word 
documents, Adobe PDF files, text docs, anything...

I store these in a BLOB field of the database.

On a certain page, I include a link to these files which have been saved 
into the blob. The link is <a 

Now when people link to this (to go to gatattachment.php?fileid=65) the 
getattachment does the following:

Finds out the attachment mime type

Sends a:

Header("Content-type: <mime-type>");
Header("Header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=\"File65.doc\"" );
Stream the contents of the blob to the browser.

Where the Attachment Filename changes depending on the fileid, and the mime 
type (eg. Excel files would be xls)

Now when I click the link, I get garbled content on my browser (no matter 
which browser i use - IE, Konqueror, Opera, etc). If I change the headers 
to echos, teh I get teh correct results.

What am I doing wrong?


David R

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