Hi all,

Another bug bites the dust...

Thank you so much for your responses... 

As for the DB/filesystem issue, we need to be able to easily replicate this 
at some time to another server as the system may easily become a 
distributed intranet system. We made the decision to use a database as this 
is easier to move around - (Backup, copy, restore) (yes, yes I know about 
tar/gz etc, but this seemed the easiest at the time.

I am using InterBase as a database backend (actually IBFirebird) as this is 
a database system that we have been using extensively int eh office for a 

I think it was the uppercase/lowercase thing that bit me - (the 
header("Header(" thing was a type, decided to copy/paste after typing 
header(" <g>

Thanks again

David R

Richard Archer wrote:

> At 11:25 AM +0100 22/4/02, Danny Shepherd wrote:
>>If you get multiple requests for files, expect the db to fall over very
>>quickly - what's wrong with storing them on the filesystem and having a
>>list of them in the db?
> If your DB falls over, get a better one. You wouldn't do this with
> Access, but MySQL or PostgreSQL will handle this with no problems.
> And storing them in the file system requires the web server process to
> have write access to the directory in which the files are stored. And
> so will any other users on that server. Security nightmare.
>>One thing - note that that the header names and the actual mimetype are in
>>lower case. Got weird results with anything different.
> Interesting tip. I'll try that out on Mac IE which never did download
> properly, IIRC.
>  ...R.

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