On Monday, April 22, 2002, at 11:07  AM, .ben wrote:

>>> Other than notepad, interdev, ultraedit, etc (which i currently use 
>>> for
>>> editing), does anyone know of a good editor for PHP for Windows, 
>>> ideally
>>> with syntax colouring, etc?
>>> Cheers,
>>>  .ben
>> You use etc for editing?  Sounds pretty cool.
>> (stupid Monday morning humor)
>> Erik
> Ahh, nothing like a bit of Python-esque humour to start the day (tho, 
> my day
> started 8 hours ago!)

I was thinking of Adam Sandler.  I think it was "Happy Gilmore".

Shooter McGrath makes threats, then: "I eat shit like you for breakfast!"
Happy Gilmore: "You eat shit for breakfast?"



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