> > >>> Other than notepad, interdev, ultraedit, etc (which i currently
> use
> > >>> for
> > >>> editing), does anyone know of a good editor for PHP for Windows,
> > >>> ideally
> > >>> with syntax colouring, etc?
> > >> You use etc for editing?  Sounds pretty cool.
> This is a new product Erik, only released at the beginning of this
> month, so it's no surprise that you haven't seen it in use yet. "etc"
> (TM) is able to follow up the syntax coloring operation by making
> changes to the code to correct syntax errors, puts brackets in exactly
> the right place to indicate block structure within the code, imposes
> data type prefixes in strict convention, chooses better variable names
> than any caffeine-driven prog, and alerts designers to most logic errors
> (the paid-support version guarantees a higher rate of success at the
> last).
> =dn

Actually, I think you'll find that those features are actually only
available in Etc Plus! 2002 (Gold), Enterprise version.

No i do not have a copy.


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