At 3:35 PM -0400 22/4/02, Dave Sugar wrote:

>  A client of ours has recently upgraded from PHP 4.0.6 to PHP 4.1.2 and now
>they are receiving complaints from users of their website that they
>frequently are getting 'Page Not found' errors when going to the website.

Can you post a complete error page. The exact working on it may shed
light on the problem.

>  The Website was developed under PHP 4.0.6.  And the index.html file is
>just a forward to the main PHP page.

How does the forward take place? Not a buggy old Javascript I hope!

> about seemingly similar problems and the answer is 'It
>is an Apache Configuration Problem'.

Hmm... so what does your Apache config look like?

What is logged in the Apache logs?

What's in the file system where the file is supposed to be?


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