At 9:02 AM -0400 23/4/02, Dave Sugar wrote:

>I disagree with your assessment of the situation being related to the
>index.html.  If I browse directly to
> (using IE 6.0 on Windows) I get an
>error from IE (not from the webserver) saying 'The page cannot be

Hmm. If you enter that URL and get an error without seeing that request
logged in the Apache logs, this is no longer a PHP issue. It's just IE
failing to access the web site *at all*. It would probably spit an
error for a plain HTML file.

>Also, the problem doesn't always show up.  Only some times.  There are times
>you can browse right to and it
>works first time out.  Sometimes you see the error pages and press refresh
>several times before you see the correctly built page.

I notice the DNS for is set up on two machines which are
right next to each other. Is your connectivity to NS{1,2}

Is the internet connectivity on that test machine reliable?

I'm not going to be able to help you if this is a Windows issue. I
don't know the first thing about 'doze, and I like it that way :)


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