Hello all!

My company, Tap Internet, has launched the latest
version of our development platform - LogiCreate.  The basic
info can be found at http://www.logicreate.com, but I'm writing
here specifically to solicit product resellers from
the PHP developer community.

The product itself has been tested in numerous deployments
over the past 2 years, including ecommerce, extranet, intranet and
CMS-oriented installations.

Although there are numerous open source projects and toolkits
you can base your development work on, we'd like to appeal to
your commercial instincts.  By becoming a LogiCreate
reseller, you'll be getting much more than code and updates,

* Deployment experience and support.  Our engineers
have deployed large scale ecommerce sites (processing
tens of millions of dollars per day) as well as handled
migration from ColdFusion and ASP-based sites.

* Sales support - if you need help developing proposals
to go up against competitors, we can help.  Whether it's
the validity of PHP itself, or questions about open source
security, we'll lend our support to your sales efforts.

* Training - we offer the only professional PHP training course
in the US, and as a reseller you get preferred rates on
training courses (as well as at least one free class per year).

While there's nothing wrong with the mailing lists and
support forums on various free sites, you won't find a stronger 
combination of a solid development framework and professional support
anywhere else. If you're ready to step up your development
efforts with PHP, give us a call.

Michael Kimsal

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