Richard Archer wrote:
> At 7:57 PM -0400 22/4/02, Michael Kimsal wrote:
>>you won't find a stronger combination of a solid development
>>framework and professional support anywhere else.
> In a word: Bollocks.
> This obviously an untrue claim for all but one company in the world.
> And I find it very hard to believe that you could be that company.
> I would never purchase (or possibly even use) a product from someone
> who lies and misleads in their promotional material.
> Thanks for the spam.
>  ...R.

Perhaps I should have clarified (and I thought it was evident)
that we were referring to the PHP market, not the
software development market in general.  We still don't know
anyone else who provides guaranteed PHP development support
service or professional training courses for PHP.  If you
know of others in the US, please let me know.

I apologize to you if you've felt misled - it was not the
intention at all.

Michael Kimsal

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