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MT> it's a "bookmark"

MT> basically, it's telling the browser to scroll the page down until it finds
MT> the named bookmark

MT> eg
MT> <a name="top">Top of page</a>
MT> blah...
MT> ...
MT> <a href="#top">go to top</a>

MT> clicking on that link will scrol the page to "top"

MT> in your case, it's a "no-name" bookmark, and most browsers treat this as
MT> either "don't move" or "top"

MT> it's useful when doing "onClicks", etc. when you don't want to user to go to
MT> a different page


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MT> Subject: [PHP] Interesting Links, can be not PHP

MT> Hey PHP General List,

MT>   Well i have seen some strange links last few months.... earlyer i
MT>   didn't look at them because i didn't care... and now i am curious...
MT>   how to understand link like this Http://www.foo.com/# and thats
MT>   it... links ends and as it sayes for example it links to Our Works
MT>   page on that website... how to understand that # ? can anybody
MT>   expain? or give link to explanation ?


Thanks for your brief explanation. Now i understand little more. I got
confused before whyt it is only # no letters.. thanks again ;)

        Have A Nice Day! 
 Mantas Kriauciunas A.k.A mNTKz


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