The # is used to point to an anchor on a page. Usually, you need the anchor 
name after the hash symbol, i.e.

However, in this case, odds are it's a JavaScript thing. In some older 
browsers, like pre-Netscape 4.7, I believe, when you created a link that 
had an onClick event in it, you still had to provide a real link to make it 
work. By using the hash symbol on the same page as the one you're on, you 
don't have to reload the page, and the JavaScript still executes.

At least, I seem to remember having to do that a few times...


Mantas Kriauciunas wrote:

> Hey PHP General List,
>   Well i have seen some strange links last few months.... earlyer i
>   didn't look at them because i didn't care... and now i am curious...
>   how to understand link like this Http:// and thats
>   it... links ends and as it sayes for example it links to Our Works
>   page on that website... how to understand that # ? can anybody
>   expain? or give link to explanation ?
> :------------------------------:
>         Have A Nice Day!
>  Mantas Kriauciunas A.k.A mNTKz
> Contacts:
> Http://

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