Hi - I share a house with two other people and have set up a spreadsheet in the past 
allowing me to track bills (rent, electricity, phone, etc) including who paid what and 
how much each person owes in total. Unfortunately I had my laptop stolen around 
christmas and lost my spreadsheet with it. :(

I was about to set up a spreadsheet again - but since I've started getting into 
learning PHP - and have recently set up our home linux server - thought that it would 
be a lot more exciting / functional to have a system running on the server that would 
allow each person to log in, track the current bill status, pay a bill, enter new 
bills, etc. 

I was wondering if anyone knew of an existing system that would do this for me, or if 
anyone had ideas as to exisiting systems that came close to the functionality I'm 
after - that I could tweak.

I'd also be interested in hearing from anyone who would be interested in such a 
system, or developing one, or collaborating on a PHP newbie on putting together such a 


- dan.

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