> > I was about to set up a spreadsheet again - but since I've started 
> > getting into learning PHP - and have recently set up our home linux 
> > server - thought that it would be a lot more exciting / functional 
> > to have a system running on the server that would allow each person 
> > to log in, track the current bill status, pay a bill, enter new 
> > bills, etc.
> It seems strange to me why anyone would want to do such a thing.

Actually I did something similar last week for my household (3 people), 
so that we know who paid what bill and thus how much each of us owes
each other in the balance. It was a complicated spreadsheet, and this
way it allows me to set up rules so that person X is excluded from
the calculations for a certain transaction.

Kinda cool, in a geeky way.

Why do it? Because I can. ;)

> And it's even stranger that someone *has* come up with such a thing :)
> I think I saw it on freshmeat.net. 

Oh, damn. :)


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