> Hi,
> I am not a PHP programmer. (Sorry Guys;-)
> Although, I am working on a PHP portal type site, where I need to
> integrate as seemlessly(?) as possible an outside specialized leased
> Search Engine Service done with ASP (I suppose? ".asp").

yup, probably ASP.
> I have been looking everywhere for this info. Just can't seem to get
> it all together.
> I done some tests but the images acompanying the Search form are not
> following. I suppose if I ask the them to put absolute paths... ?

you can combine your own. If the images returned have an absolute path,
not URL (without http://..., like: /dir/file.png) all you have to do is
to figure out what the URL is and then compose it yourself.
> --- 1.  Is it technically possible with PHP to interact with the
> engine's pages and the results it pushs so that it feels as if it was
> part of the site?


> --- 2.  I don't understand the differences between "include" ,
> "fopen" and even "@fopen".
> What would be the best way to do the job if it is "doable" of course

For remote access they are kind of similar. Use include, it is easier to
Try this;


you will see the whole google under your domain name.


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