I am not a PHP programmer. (Sorry Guys;-)
Although, I am working on a PHP portal type site, where I need to 
integrate as seemlessly(?) as possible an outside specialized leased 
Search Engine Service done with ASP (I suppose? ".asp").

I have been looking everywhere for this info. Just can't seem to get 
it all together.
I done some tests but the images acompanying the Search form are not 
following. I suppose if I ask the them to put absolute paths... ?

--- 1.  Is it technically possible with PHP to interact with the 
engine's pages and the results it pushs so that it feels as if it was 
part of the site?

--- 2.  I don't understand the differences between "include" , 
"fopen" and even "@fopen".
What would be the best way to do the job if it is "doable" of course ;-)

Best regards,


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