Dame thing, no?

Your <SELECT name="language[]">. You can see all those selected as an
Now, add the text type and call it something different (ie;

In the page, 


If(strlen($_GET['custom_lang'])) {
        // do insert of this 
else {
        // loop the $_GET['Language'] and create your select.

Alternatively, you can ALWYS do this second condition, just override
about the language[] if custom_lang is set.

If(strlen($_GET['custom_lang'])) {
        ($_GET['Language'] =  Array($_GET['custom_lang']);

        // loop the language[] and create your select.



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> From: Rodrigo Peres [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2002 8:22 PM
> Subject: [PHP] using html select as array
> Hi list,
> In my system I have multiples choices of language that user selects
> using drop down menus. So I've named this dropdows language[] and grab
> it as php array, and with looo i insert it into mysql as registers.
> now i need to put a text field that the user can type any language
> is not in the dropdown. my question is how can i know when this was
> typed when i do the select to update the user itens. I mean, when i
> select and populate your preferences to update, how can i know that
> info is from the input text???
> Thank's
> Rodrigo
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