You can't know the input type through PHP.  You could use Javascript to
determine the input type and pass that along with the array.  However it may
be easier just to store the text field as a separate variable, and knowing
this, parse it into your languages array after both inputs have been passed
to the server.  You could store languages as a multi-dimensional associative
array.. something like...

$languages = array (
select_field => array('english', 'spanish', 'ect..'),
text_field => "swahili";  // or whatever :)

So in this way it's a little bit more involved to keep track of everything..
but at least you know that swahili belongs to the text field and the others
belong to the select field.

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> Hi list,
> In my system I have multiples choices of language that user selects
> using drop down menus. So I've named this dropdows language[] and grab
> it as php array, and with looo i insert it into mysql as registers. But
> now i need to put a text field that the user can type any language that
> is not in the dropdown. my question is how can i know when this was
> typed when i do the select to update the user itens. I mean, when i
> select and populate your preferences to update, how can i know that this
> info is from the input text???
> Thank's
> Rodrigo
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