Hallo Henning,

thanks for your suggestion. The result...

resulted in:

Objectjava Object
    [0] => 2

had given me:

object(java)(1) {

Can you make something out of this.

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Gesendet: Montag, 29. April 2002 11:40
An: Habte, Bedilu
Betreff: Re: [PHP] Java-Object

Bedilu Habte wrote:

> It appears that the transformation and rendering is performed without
> ( according to
> the System-output). However, in the context I used, $result contains the 6
> characters
> 'Object' which was supposed to contain the pdf document.

that just means that the variable contains data of type object

> Any idea on how to extract the content out of a Java-Object in php?

not exactly right now, i don't know nothing about the things you do
there, but as much as i know of data handling and objects, you could
maybe use print_r($result) or var_dump(result) to examine the data in
your object, maybe the data you need is just some property of your object.

take care if your pdf is really large, these commands result in dumping
all the data of the variable on the screen...


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