Bedilu Habte wrote:

> resulted in:
> Objectjava Object
> (
>     [0] => 2
> )
> var_dump($result);
> had given me:
> object(java)(1) {
>   [0]=>
>   int(2)
> }

it means that you have an object with a property field of type integer 
and a value of 2.

possibly nmot what you want or need. but it could mean that you did 
something wrong in the usage of the class or in the usage of java with 
php in general.

what irritates me a bit is the java in the brackets of the var_dump 
output, that could mean that the object is somehow of "type" java or 
something like that could it be one has to transform that to use it in php?

are you sure you did everything right with the java/php combination? did 
you test that with other, easier things?

did you test the class on the command line with success?

did you read the manual of everything that is involved in your task?

ok, that should be everything i have to say about that, as i said, i 
have no experience in using java classes from php.

i could only help you until now in finding out more about the data and 
type of your object...


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