>You know that "dot" files are hidden files ? ...

Yes, but I think this only is in contexts where directories are scanned by 
some application "respecting" this method of hiding - and that they 
otherwise are normal files when addressed explicitly.

However, there seems to be something else about dotfiles and PHP (or 
FreeBSD or my particular systems) I don't know.

>If you want to use them, try to fread() them.

Interesting idea. I will play with that.

- - -

Until something is clearer I recommend PHP-people using

require '.mydotfile';    or
include '.mydotfile';   (I tried that as well)

to watch out for unexpected behavior and maybe entirely avoid this in 
PHP-solutions intended to be portable. At least at my computer it wouldn't 
work and it is a very mainstream one! :-)

- - -

BTW - there is no problem if I give the full path, like

require '/usr/home/frank/public_html/php_test/.mydotfile';

- - -

Thanks to all for testing and suggestions.


>HTH Oliver
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