Problem with Javascript is you have to support an IE version, a Netscape
version and a Netscape 6 version. Then if you need to support users with
dinosaurs, you'll have to have an IE 4 and a Netscape 3 version. Yikes. It
just requires to much programming time for me to do too much with

I guess if I had the time to really learn the details of the various Domain
Object Models it wouldn't be too difficult. 

A lot of the interactive online stuff I've written is geared towards a very
specific audience, ie students that need to have Flash installed on their
computers in order to access their course material. So I write stuff in
Flash. You don't need a separate version for different browsers.

Take a look at your audience and see what your options are.

Rita Mikusch

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On 29 Apr 2002 at 14:05, Martin Towell wrote:

> javascript should be easy enough to convert to php - thier language
> constructs are basically the same.

Sure, but that doesn't mean it's appropriate.  A menu system done in 
php will have the advantage of being, from the browsers point of 
view, plain html mostly.  The disadvantage is that every change to 
that menu will have to be done server-side, meaning a page reload 
even if that's the only content that changes on the page.

A menu system done in javascript won't require a reload but will, as 
Miguel points out, potentially break on systems where javascript is 
unavailable for whatever reason.

In the end you should always be coding pages to degrade 'gracefully'. 
 Even if you use a javascript navigation system there should still be 
a working menu system if javascript is not available.

CYA, Dave

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