The reason I wanted it in PHP not JavaScript's is because I wouldn't have to
worry about it being supported in other browsers... also the loading time is
already long enough I don't want people on slow connections to have to wait
for ages before they can go anywhere..

When a link on the menu is clicked the page refreshes to another page anyway
and desplays the sub-tpoic at the same time anyway.. Also with PHP if a user
clicks back on the browser window the script knows where is was.. or if
someone refreshes the page the script stays where it is...


"Dan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I could do this myself but I don't want to waist time writing something
> I could have just asked for..
> what I need is a menuing system..
> When link is clicked the sub-topics appear under the topic you just
> on..
> e.g. if you where to click on Contact.
> Contact
> --becomes:
> Contact
>    Enquires
>    Account / Billing
>    Media Enquiries
> Much like this JavaScript one... except I need it in PHP...

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