On 29 Apr 2002 at 13:02, Bo Pritchard wrote:

G'day Bo

> I know without the accompanying code there's no way to help me...But without
> having to get real specific what does the following message tell me is
> wrong?

> Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output
> started at /home/omnidevi/omnidevices-www/s-cart/form.phtml:4) in
> /home/omnidevi/omnidevices-www/s-cart/shop-head.phtml on line 44

You can only send header information once at the start of a page.  If 
you do anything that sends header information it _has_ to happen 
before any other output - this includes white space (tabs, spaces, 
etc) and any html output.

A reasonable rule of thumb is to do all your header stuff right at 
the top of your php file.

CYA, Dave

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