That question can be difficult to answer.  It all depends on what you are 
developing.  I presume that since this is a PHP list, that you are 
developing PHP pages.  On my WinXP laptop, I run Apache, MySQL and 
PHP.  When I have the program finished, I upload it to the server and have 
had no problems in doing this so far.  I am not trying to do anything with 
mail though.  Not sure if there is a sendmail for Windows or not.  I think 
for that you would use "Blat" or something like that.  Again, it really 
depends on what you are programming.  I am not proficient enough to write 
some of the more complex programs that the more experienced people do.


At 04:05 PM 4/29/2002, Lee P Reilly wrote:
>Just a quick question. I'm developing on a Windows machine right now,
>and will later move it onto Linux. Should I expect to run into major
>difficulty at all? I anticipate a few problems - mainly altering the
>file system interaction, maybe even database connections.
>I don't know if anybody else works this way, but if so... did you run
>into any problems, or was it a relatively smooth ride?
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