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> Just a quick question. I'm developing on a Windows machine right now,
> and will later move it onto Linux. Should I expect to run into major
> difficulty at all? I anticipate a few problems - mainly altering the
> file system interaction, maybe even database connections.
> I don't know if anybody else works this way, but if so... did you run
> into any problems, or was it a relatively smooth ride?

I'm running PHP 4.0.6 + Apache 1.3 + Oracle 8i on Windows NT as my development server, 
with the live site on 2 separate Solaris servers (Apache+PHP & Oracle).  I have 
absolutely no problems moving files from development to live, and for the vast 
majority of cases need to make no changes to scripts.  (But I'm not using stuff like 
email which is platform-dependent.)

File system interaction is also not a problem, so long as you stick to using "/" 
(rather than "\") in all pathnames, have identical structures on both servers, and use 
relative pathnames whenever possible.  (Absolute pathnames beginning with a / also 
shouldn't be a problem so long as all your Windows files are on the same drive, such 
as C:.)  You might, however, come unstuck if you fall foul of rights restrictions on 
Linux which aren't enforced on your Windows machine.

If you do come across any essential differences, you may want to consider keeping an 
installation-specific include file on each machine which defines constants for the 
relevant values.  Then if a value ever changes (or you need a new one), you only need 
to edit the two include files, not all your individual script files.

The only other thing to watch for is functions that simply aren't defined under 
Windows.  Fortunately, most of these are well documented in the online manual -- but 
you need to keep an eye out for them!

Good luck!



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