Austin Marshall wrote:

> To bring balance in the force, there is  It has a few 
> arguments of why it is BAAAAAAADDDDDDD... I know i will never use phpbb2

It's a pretty lame page/site that amounts to someone whining about
the fact that

1.  The phpbb website looks good, therefore they must have crap code and
2.  They have a lot of includes/requires/constants and if/else

If it's truly poor code, and the guy wants to criticize, then post
some code samples and point out WHY it's bad.

Personally, I agree - I had to do a bit of work with someone else's
phpbb site a few weeks ago and thought it was a horrible
mishmash of code/html.  But I'm not going to post a whole website
about how bad it is unless without giving specific examples.  :)

Michael Kimsal

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