Hi guys, I'm trying the following code and the problem is that I always
get the denied page... 
What I'm trying here is to make a login thru a text file. The logins are
in one file named login.txt, and the passwords are in the file called
pass.txt . I need Help, I can't seem to get thru here and I need it just
like that, cause the other option would be to use my server database
which uses a PHPMYADMIN that I don't know anything about. I can't seem
to make it work, so let's stay with the text files, cause I don't need
it to be safe ( security sound ). The code goes after this message.
Thanks to all.
$logins = File('login.txt');
$login_cont = count($logins);
$login_digitado2 = $login_digitado;
for ($cont=0;$cont<$login_cont;$cont++)
      if($logins[$cont] == $login_digitado2)
      $login_indice = $cont+1;
$password = File('pass.txt');
if ($password[$login_indice] == $password_digitada)

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