Two things,

if you gonna use files for such things it might help to follow such 
format inside the file

it might be easier if you have the file named after the user and it sould 
store the pass
eg. somebody.txt
then have php check for the file with file_exists(), 
if the file is there open it via fopen check if the password = the pass 
written in the file
tell em to go away

still, it might be a good idea to learn too it with mySQL

>Why do you even bother? Just name your file SFISFWEF.html and have that
>as your password. If security isn't important, then don't use it at all.
>And please don't program anything for anyone else.
>---John Holmes...
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Rodrigo [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>> Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 7:54 PM
>> Subject: [PHP] Login with Text Files
>> Hi guys, I'm trying the following code and the problem is that I
>> get the denied page...
>> What I'm trying here is to make a login thru a text file. The logins
>> in one file named login.txt, and the passwords are in the file called
>> pass.txt . I need Help, I can't seem to get thru here and I need it
>> like that, cause the other option would be to use my server database
>> which uses a PHPMYADMIN that I don't know anything about. I can't seem
>> to make it work, so let's stay with the text files, cause I don't need
>> it to be safe ( security sound ). The code goes after this message.
>> Thanks to all.
>> Rodrigo.
>> <?php
>> $logins = File('login.txt');
>> $login_cont = count($logins);
>> $login_digitado2 = $login_digitado;
>> for ($cont=0;$cont<$login_cont;$cont++)
>> {
>>       if($logins[$cont] == $login_digitado2)
>>       {
>>       $login_indice = $cont+1;
>>       }
>> }
>> $password = File('pass.txt');
>> if ($password[$login_indice] == $password_digitada)
>> {
>> }
>> else
>>     header('Location:');
>> ?>
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