Hello all,

I have a PHP/MySQL/Apache site served on Mac OSX.  The default install I
used doesn't have a PHP.ini file but I do have sendmail configured and

There is a simple html form which leads to a 'confirmation' page.  They
press the confirm button and a hidden field passes the data to 'confirm.php'
which simply mails it to us.

It works perfectly from both Mac OSX and Mac OS9 clients with the mail being
received with all data intact.  However, when accessed by a Windows machine
running Explorer,  the sent mail contains no text. The email gets generated,
addressed and sent OK, but with a blank message.

I'm wondering if there's something simple I'm missing here as far as
configuration is concerned?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and thanks


FWIW, the entire confirm.php script follows:

mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "TEST ONLY ", "$web_submission");

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