PHP is server side, so it's going to do the same thing each time. If
it's sending a blank message, then no data was received. How is the
content of the message created? Is it from a text field? Is there any
javascript or similar "client-side" operations going on? Those could be
handled differently on different versions of the browser on different

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> From: Kim Kohen [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2002 5:27 AM
> Subject: [PHP] Windows based Mail() problem (newbie)
> Hello all,
> I have a PHP/MySQL/Apache site served on Mac OSX.  The default install
> used doesn't have a PHP.ini file but I do have sendmail configured and
> working.
> There is a simple html form which leads to a 'confirmation' page.
> press the confirm button and a hidden field passes the data to
> 'confirm.php'
> which simply mails it to us.
> It works perfectly from both Mac OSX and Mac OS9 clients with the mail
> being
> received with all data intact.  However, when accessed by a Windows
> machine
> running Explorer,  the sent mail contains no text. The email gets
> generated,
> addressed and sent OK, but with a blank message.
> I'm wondering if there's something simple I'm missing here as far as
> configuration is concerned?  Any assistance would be greatly
> Cheers and thanks
> kim
> FWIW, the entire confirm.php script follows:
> <?php
> mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "TEST ONLY ", "$web_submission");
> include("web_thanks.html");
> ?>
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