Probably this question has been asked a couple of times but I could not 
find a complete answer to my question...

I am new to PHP but have a lot of experience with Delphi and usually have 
no problems learning new languages (besides PHP is very similar to C). I 
also made already some little PHP scripts or modified larger scripts to 
suit my needs. Anyway...

I need to write a web service in PHP. On the client side there will be a 
Delphi program that accesses the server via SOAP. I choose PHP on the 
server side because it (1) offers more possibilities to extend the product 
later on and (2) because it is less problematic with installation issues 
and platform support. The most work will be anyway the client so it should 
not be too difficult to write the server.

Now the simple question:

What SOAP server implementation for PHP do you suggest me? I know there are 
several projects being developed on but I really don't know which one I 
should use to begin my tests with or - in other words - to learn.

I hope you can give me more information on this subject. :-)

Many thanks in advance,

Udo Giacomozzi - [EMAIL PROTECTED] -
The disadvantage of intelligence is that one 
is constantly obliged to go on learning.

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