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> Probably this question has been asked a couple of times but I could not
> find a complete answer to my question...
> I am new to PHP but have a lot of experience with Delphi and usually have
> no problems learning new languages (besides PHP is very similar to C). I
> also made already some little PHP scripts or modified larger scripts to
> suit my needs. Anyway...
> I need to write a web service in PHP. On the client side there will be a
> Delphi program that accesses the server via SOAP. I choose PHP on the
> server side because it (1) offers more possibilities to extend the product
> later on and (2) because it is less problematic with installation issues
> and platform support. The most work will be anyway the client so it should
> not be too difficult to write the server.
> Now the simple question:
> What SOAP server implementation for PHP do you suggest me? I know there
> several projects being developed on but I really don't know which one I
> should use to begin my tests with or - in other words - to learn.
> I hope you can give me more information on this subject. :-)
> Many thanks in advance,
> Udo
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