> $left = "news";
> $ltitle = "index";
> $lext= "php";
> include ("$left/$ltitle.$lext");
> <a href=index.php?lext=php?start=8>next</a>
> so this should link to the index page, which calls upon
> news/index.php, opens
> it in the left column of the table, and gives $start the value of 8.
> but it gives me this error:
> Warning: Failed opening 'news/index.php?start=8' for inclusion
> (include_path='') in /home/blindtheory/web/newweb/index.php on line 31
> so how can i solve this and get the articles to show in groups of 8?

Well your error message tells you your problem immediately.

do you have a file named



I doubt you do =)

You're trying to pass what would normally be an HTTP query string as a
parameter for opening a local file on your system.  There's an exact example
of this on http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.include.php example 11-5.

Basically you need the include to be an http link...not a local link




Craig Vincent

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