i've got a little problem:

I have two php pages

index.php and news/index.php

now in index.php there is a table which shows news/index.php

$left = "news";
$ltitle = "index";
$lext= "php";

include ("$left/$ltitle.$lext");

now this allows me to keep the layout the same, but change the pages within 
the table using URL commands 


now news/index.php takes a variable: $start

if (empty($start)) $start= "0";
$end = $start+8;

$Query = "SELECT * from $TableName ORDER BY postdate DESC LIMIT $start, $end";

this is to show eight(8) news articles at a time.
now also on the news/index.php page there is a link next to show the next 8 

<a href=index.php?lext=php?start=8>next</a>

so this should link to the index page, which calls upon news/index.php, opens 
it in the left column of the table, and gives $start the value of 8.

but it gives me this error:

Warning: Failed opening 'news/index.php?start=8' for inclusion 
(include_path='') in /home/blindtheory/web/newweb/index.php on line 31

so how can i solve this and get the articles to show in groups of 8?

thanks in advance.

Jule Slootbeek

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