Greetings All,
  Special greeting to all my new pals on the list, you know who you are.

  First let me tell you what i have done then what i need.

  I have made a program to upload a picture (gif or jpeg, for clearness lets
  call the picture "x.jpg") and then the page will change and a new page
  display asking the user/client what kind of a picture was it
  (eg: cartoon/family pic/portfolio pic or adult pic) thats it.

  My doubt is here:
  In the second page I want to ask the client if "x.jpg" is the picture
  How do read the filename? I also want his filename in a hidden text field
  the same page so that i may enter it into the database.

  Also can anybody recomend a good online manual for PHP, or a downloadable
  version with  LOTS of GOOD examples.
  ( Note : I am running on windows)

  Any help appreciated,


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