>   My doubt is here:
>   In the second page I want to ask the client if "x.jpg" is the
>  he/she
>   uploaded.
>   How do read the filename? I also want his filename in a hidden text
> field
>  on
>   the same page so that i may enter it into the database.

The original filename on the users system can be found with
$_FILES["form_field_name"]["name"]. You should create a unique filename
if you are going to store all of these files together in the same
directory, though.
>   Also can anybody recomend a good online manual for PHP, or a
> downloadable
>   version with  LOTS of GOOD examples.

Are you really asking this?


That's the best it gets. It explains everything, has plenty of examples,
and the user comment system will usually answer any questions you have.
Pair that with this listserve, forums like on Devshed.com, and some
tutorials, you're good to go. You can download a windows help file
version of the manual, too.

---John Holmes...

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