Hey all,
Whooooah, talk about getting a response, I posted the I-Worm/Klez question
hoping to get one or two replies of people who actually got infected......I
got more than 40 replies!
I got two more today, but one poor dude says he got around 149 and counting!
Anyway, thanks for your replies guys/girls and for the URLs, but
'nuff about virus's back to PHP....

I got a client who want a simple registeration form (Which i can do without
any problem...easy.)
but he wants one extra bit:
at the end of the form he wants a "key" gif...(A gif with a number)
that is automatically generated and that number has to be entered into the
text box....the idea is that it prevents automaited registerations.....
Yahoo and a couple of other big sites/portals use it. For those of you who
dont know what i am talking about and are curious to see an example, try
registering for an account at yahoo mail or chat or something.

I understand that the new version of PHP/GD or whatever does not support GIF
and i also know for PNG or JPEG i can use LIBJPEG and LIBPNG (both are
installed on my webhost) but how do i do it in GIF?
(He insists on GIF- the clients a &##@ his money helps pay the bills)

Any ideas? and if any of you guys done anything similar, can give me the
function/s or any help?

ANY help appreciated and guys.....please dont send me anything more about
I-Worm/Klez...I apoligise about that.
All feedback appreciated even ones that just want to flame me. :-)


/* If you see a cop beating me, put down the @$#@ing camera and come help
me! */

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