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> 007501c1f304$3c1607a0$0a6da8c0@lgwezec83s94bn">news:007501c1f304$3c1607a0$0a6da8c0@lgwezec83s94bn...
> > at the end of the form he wants a "key" gif...(A gif with a number)
> > that is automatically generated and that number has to be entered into
> > the text box....the idea is that it prevents automaited
> > registerations.....
> I've seen code that puts out an image that is .gif-compatible
> (ie can be viewed in any browser) but is not LZH-compressed,
> ie does not fall under the patents.  I could write a PHP file
> to do it...
> The drawback, of course, is no compression; but for a small
> image that shouldn't be a problem.
> NOTE that for someone sufficiently persistent, they could still
> pattern-match the generated image to retrieve the number and
> auto-register that way.  (I could write a PHP file to do that, too :-)

The pics generated by services like Yahoo are distorted and thus are 
extremely difficult to OCR.

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