Hi List,

  Imagine a form where user can search for clients using a 'name' field.
When submitted, there's a result page, linking results to another page with
the client information.

  I need to make the terms inputted at the form bold when they appear at the
client information page. Problem is: When someone searchs for "Joe Doe", and
the client's name is "Joe Doe", I can make it "<b>Joe Doe</b>".

  But when the name is "Joe Cougar Doe", I can't bold it (parts Joe && Doe)
because there's this "Cougar" in the middle. The result I am looking for is
"<b>Joe</b> Cougar <b>Doe</b>".


$searched = "Joe Doe";
$original = "Joe Cougar Doe";
$final = "<b>Joe</b> Cougar <b>Doe</b>";

  Any ideas about how can I achieve this result? I am currently using
eregi_replace($searched, "<b>$searched</b>", $original), so that's why it
only accepts the whole string.

  Thanks a lot,

Julio Nobrega.

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