Hi all, got a problem here...

This bit of script works, but it displays the results the wrong way.  I have
to scroll to the end of the page to see the last bit of data entered into
the database, I want the last bit of data entered to be displayed first.

$usr = "lanolot";
$pwd = "...";
$db = "lanolot";
$host = "localhost";
    $cid = mysql_connect($host,$usr,$pwd);
    if (!$cid) { echo("ERROR: " . mysql_error() . "\n");    }
    $SQL = " SELECT * FROM admin_shouts";
    $retid = mysql_db_query($db, $SQL, $cid);
    if (!$retid) { echo( mysql_error()); }
    else {
        while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($retid)) {
            $comment  = $row["comment"];
            $date   = $row["date"];
            $uid   = $row["uid"];

echo "
<FONT SIZE='2' COLOR='red'><I>$date</I></FONT><br>

Is there a simple way that I can reverse the display order of the results?


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