Hi there,

i have some questions to solve some problems, i recently encountered with my self made 
mini chat script.

Ok, i use the meta-refresh in the main chat-messages frame to update the frame every 
few seconds.
In windows OS, you always get that "click" sounds whenever it refreshes the frame. Is 
there any way to stop this?

I provided the script with a "Users online"-list, but when a user simply closes the 
browser, he won't get deleted from the list, because of not having used the "logout" 
What would be a nice way to catch this exception?
I thought about adding a timestamp to the user online list table and every time the 
user submits s.th. new the timestamp gets updated. If the user didnt post for about 
...lets say 5 minutes, then he gets deleted from the table by the script.
...well, thats just what i thought about so far, but would this cause too much MySQL 



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