Thanks for the reply.

Oh, i just tried Opera 5.x and it messed up my whole script... lol,
actually, for no reason it added about 10 login entries to the database, 
some matched the current one, others were from earlier logins with Opera.
I think this might be related to the "cache", so i need to find a way, 
so that Opera doesn't cache the sites...
i found one for IE, so that the script works just perfect in IE now.

Will check out Opera and (maybe) Netscape issues now, cause no1 wants an 
IE only site ;)



Jason Wong wrote:

>On Saturday 04 May 2002 21:23, Duncan wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>i have some questions to solve some problems, i recently encountered with
>>my self made mini chat script.
>>Ok, i use the meta-refresh in the main chat-messages frame to update the
>>frame every few seconds. In windows OS, you always get that "click" sounds
>>whenever it refreshes the frame. Is there any way to stop this?
>That's an IE problem. Use Opera or Netscape if you don't want the click or 
>see if there's an option in IE to disable the click.

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